How To Develop A Website In Jewellery?

How To Develop A Website In Jewellery?

Jewellery Website Development

Here is an easy article for someone who wants to set up an online Jewellery & Diamond service. Most of the issues mentioned here arise from our daily experience in developing dozens of e-commerce jewelry portals.

You are, then, a small to medium-sized gemstone dealer of diamonds, conventional bricks, and mortar. You have discovered your market opportunity online and want to set up your eCommerce presence with a website. Then you must read on to know about how to develop a website in jewelry

Domain Name

First of all, get your business a comfortable but secure domain name. Several online domain reservation registrars Press on the list.

  • Plan for the domain name collection
  • Integrate the name of the company
  • The titles of .com were always the most favorite.
  • Most domain names are not available. Therefore it is vital to be imaginative to choose a catchy yet easy domain name.


Prepare your inventory with pictures, in three angles, ideally and in decent lighting conditions. You should do it in-house if the hiring of a professional panelist is out of the reach. All images will be of decent quality and in the same perspective (resolution at least 640×640). The logo will be self-explained and SEO compliant on photos, for instance, “solitaire-ring-m123-Top-angle.jpg.”

Do not take pictures from Photoshop but for soil particle or defect washing. It is not ethical to photoshop jewels images.

Budget For Website Development

Depending on the specifications, it is between $7,000 and $15,000. But 7,000 dollars would be sufficiently good.

Sourcing Diamonds

The most critical product of your Website is loose diamonds and gemstones. Below are the primary sources for the analysis of diamond data:

  • RapNet API: Rapnet is an exchange of diamonds for Peer to Peer purchases and sales. Providers are uploading their diamond stock, and retailers are selling diamonds through the Rapnet platform. To access the Rapnet Diamond API, you need a Rapnet membership.
  • IDEXonline: Like Rapnet IDEXonline, the peer exchange for diamonds is also a leading
  • Polygon API: https:/öff/home-en.jsp
  • Stuller: https:/ Stuller.

Sourcing Diamonds

However, the above are all trading diamonds and not sellers. However, it is essential to remember that You must have direct agreements with suppliers when a diamond is sold on your platform.

All third party APIs are incorporated into the website by TransPacific Software. Here is a demo to find out how the diamonds (with markup) appear on the portal of jewelry.

Data Collation

Set inventory data as Excel in a table format. It may include stock of jewelry, design number, metal, size, stone details, the origin of the stone, cut, size, etc.

Programmer Selection

The design of the jewelry ‘s website is professional work. As a thumb rule, the price is not the smallest or “too good to be true” but rather depends on the portfolio of the company.

We strongly propose that because of reliability problems, the individual programmers hire a web development agency.

Ask the programmer for how much time your website is assisted by bug fixing as required. Help is crucial before the site is accessible for at least three months.

Ask the chosen programmer or production agency to display a console that helps you to handle your website without or without little preparation.

In-house maintenance and update can be done through a web-based secure admin console, which includes frameworks of Magento and OpenCart.


An open-source framework, such as php+mysql like can be used. Open-source application frameworks such as OpenCart and Magento get highly recommended. A developer may propose system frameworks such as DotNetNuke or asp dot net storefront. But I wouldn’t suggest them unless you had full knowledge of them.


A package must get ordered from a company such as,, or (the companies providing hosting services are hundreds). The shared networking Linux server is good enough. Don’t take costly fancy things such as VPS or a dedicated server.

Payment Gateway

You need to apply to payment gateway providers if you want electronic purchases in real-time through a credit card.

A payment portal is a mechanism that automatically transfers payment between the customer and the seller. It is a third-party service, which is a computer program that processes and verifies credit card purchases or rejects them for the merchant using secure Internet connections. It is typically a third party service.

The payment gateway is built into your eCommerce Website by your developer. Alternatively, you can opt for offline transactions where the consumer will make payment via check or wire if you do not wish to have an online transaction.


Search engine optimization could be the most challenging field. The first three pages for frequent searches like the “Diamond engager ring,” when someone is trying to add your site to Google’s first page, take months before you start to appear.


  • Highly sophisticated Google algorithms. You may want to open a fan page on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus accounts and always announce “that’s new,” “news,” and your thoughts.
  • Do not use flash on your website. Provide original content on the site, such as “How to pick gems” or “Rock-type,” etc. Provide original content. The Google ranking algorithm provides excellent results for original content.
  • Ask your developer to build a webmaster account and provide Google spiders with maps.
  • Submit a directory listing service like the Dmoz or Yahoo Directory to your website.
  • List your website as a social bookmarking website in the appropriate category like StumbleUpon, Delicious, and Digg.
  • Ask your developer to share Icons on your website with Pinterest, Twitter, and FB.

Social Media

You can open a fan page on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts, which announces “News” and regularly your thinking. But these accounts must remain to buzz. Do not open social networking accounts unless you spend time activating them repeatedly.

How Do I Publicize My Website?

  • Publish the URL of your website wherever possible.
  • Print it on the file; e-mail it to your customers.
  • Say it on the FB profile of yourself.

Google Ads Or PPC Advertising For Announcement

For small and medium-sized jewelry firms, we will not recommend the same if you have $2000 a month for ads alone. It’s expensive and tough.

Many people’s associations include beauty, sophistication, and trendy when it comes to jewelry. Do you plan to launch a website for jewelry? Then these alliances are just what you need to remember. Sounds easy, but how can we do that? Why can I build a stylish and practical website for jewelry? Well, you can implement a few ideas today. Those ideas will work for you, whether you want to start your website or rebrand the current project. It will work for you.

We would like to emphasize that websites representing the handmade jewelry industry may also have specific ideas. However, in this case, a website based on the different concepts probably would have to be created. These can be imagination, independence, and autonomy. We’ll also present some website models for gems in this article that might be your best option if you’d like to create a website that attracts visitors.

Invest In Celebrity Photographers

The fact that people associate celebrities with the jewelry industry are well-founded. It is unknown. Will one at the annual Oscar ceremony name several jewelry products per capita? That’s right – your goods have no better ads than a celebrity who wears them.

Invest In Celebrity Photographers

Can you afford the international star to smile from your homepage to your website visitors? Fortunately you! Blessed you! Otherwise, select the highest quality of your professional photos. Your pictures are what your prospective customers will live on your website. So be able to invest with a sexy touch on the enticing homepage!


About half of the people looking for online jewelry come in two groups. The first involves persons who are not happy with their local jewelry shops’ preference. They ‘re elegant, trendy, and highly demanding shoppers. The latter represents people who have the last option of a website for jewelry. You hope to find a present on your website for a significant opportunity quickly. These people tend to place orders immediately and are very impatient with delivery.

How do you meet the high needs of the people? Maybe intensively using the subscription types. These forms help you inform your customers of discounts and new products. Above all, you can always remember the sale of Christmas and Valentine’s Day on holidays with your subscription as a gentle reminder.

Different Angles Of Jewellery

To be seen, jewelry is made. Therefore, visuality is a critical factor in the presentation of jewelry. Two contrasting traits can be found here. Firstly, the traditional display like that you can see a piece of jewelry in the black or white background represents tradition and elegance.

The latter is planned to increase the usability of jewelry. The main idea is to have a more creative and innovative image with your jewelry photos. For instance, the pets of the flower, the rocks, etc. can be photographed. In any event, you need access to different photo galleries to present your products effectively.

Recognizable Logo

You will already have a logo if you operate a jewelry manufacturing business. You have to realize that having a logo is a critical consideration when it comes to a website. The experts in web design suggest that users pay the most attention to the left of a website. A logo is expected to bring many online shoppers back to the Internet. That’s why your logo in the left corner of your menu is a win-win situation.

Unique Favicon

A favicon is an icon associated with your website by your visitors. This icon is displayed in a browser’s address bar. How are there, favicons? They belong to grabbers of the spotlight. The answer is clear. Their main objective is to remind your prospective visitors and stay there a little longer.

How can a favicon be developed? You can use your logo or optimized version as the most obvious solution. Of course, a favicon that is entirely different from your logo can also be made. For instance, you can use your brand ‘s initial letters on a favicon if your logo is a symbolic representation of your company. Or the other way around. You should not deceive your customers primarily. So, wise pick logos and favicons!

As a controller, the website helps to draw more clients. Either online or in a brick-and-mortar venue, you risk losing potentially valuable clients and producing large incomes without the right kind of website.

We will help you to decide if it is time for a redesign if you are uncertain about the quality of your jewelry website design. You will learn how to look like a jeweler ‘s website and what else that is great to make online by reading this article about the best practice to create jeweler’s websites.

Now that customers are mostly researching and deciding online – even before they go to a retail store, the majority of purchasers browse a search engine shop and visit Web sites – your company needs to have a Website. A website for jewelers gives you the best way to present your brand, company, and products online and to “home” them online.

Also, with a website, you can offer those who are seeking information about your business before visiting you with the most efficient and convenient experience possible.

So why is the website design so important? Okay, several studies have shown people processing visual images even more rapidly than text. And the feel of the brain – and probably a more significant impression – can be interpreted better than the way things appear.

The concept of a jeweler ‘s website always shows us a little bit about how professional the business is. Consumers link visual components, marketing messages, and how they interpret business subconsciously. When you have a messy, unorganized look on your website, they will think of your brand like this.

LOEION is proud to offer top-notch Web development services that can easily place your business in the spotlight!

For more information, please feel to contact us.